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Splinters: Reactions to Comrie/Campoli trade

So it was no blockbuster, but for Islanders fans that may be as exciting as the trade deadline gets this season. We'll see.

A look at blogger reactions to the trade of Chris Campoli and Mike Comrie to Ottawa yesterday shows quite a range of opinion -- particularly among Islanders fans. A sampling of neutral bloggers and several Islanders bloggers' reactions after the jump...

James Mirtle:

If I didn't know better, it almost looks as if Sens GM Bryan Murray is trying to make some sort of a run here with the group he has, which would be a monumental mistake. Campoli has shown some promise in the past but really likely tops out at a No. 5 or 6 defender. ... Ottawa apparently just overpaid for 25 games of having Comrie in the lineup. ...

From New York's perspective, this is a solid deal. The more picks the better, and they're already basically guaranteed the first or second overall pick.

Spector's Hockey:

The Islanders certainly didn't get much back for these two. ...

The first round pick isn't bad as this year's draft is expected to be a very deep one, but it's the Sharks pick so it'll be no better than 28th overall. Perhaps the Isles can use that as bait either at the trade deadline or more likely at this year's draft to land a young player.

This deal in the short term very much favors the Senators. Only time will tell if this can translate into something good for the Isles.


Adam Gretz at Fanhouse:

This move makes little sense for Ottawa, unless general manager Bryan Murray has another deal on the horizon. If he doesn't, well, then he's either under the delusion that his team, currently 13 points out of the final playoff spot, is primed to make a serious run in the final weeks of the season, or he's completely lost his mind and is trying to George Costanza his way out of a job.

My vote is for Costanza.

Florida Isles Fan: "While we did get essentially a first rounder for Campoli with Comrie and McAmmond being a wash, I am still shocked that Garth moved Campoli since he was playing well."

The Palm Isle: 'We'll Miss You, Hilary':

I like the trade. Comrie wasn't doing much and was likely going to leave anyway, and Campoli's considerable offensive skills were often overshadowed by his softness on defense. I'm sadder about Campoli leaving, but a first-rounder cushions the blow. And Dean McCammond. Yeah, well, whatever. A warm body at the very least.

Official's Outlook: "Could this be the beginning of what some of us have speculated to be the eventual fire sale here in Islanderland? We could be on the verge of something huge."

The Rivalry:

This trade isn't great for the Islanders, to be honest. San Jose's 1st round pick will be bottom 5 (somewhere between 26-30) probably. Yes, Mike Green was picked there, and it's still a nice bargaining chip if they want to trade it on Draft Day to move up, but if I was Garth Snow, I'd have wanted Ottawa's pick instead (I don't know if Ottawa still has it).

I think they could've gotten a 1st round for just Comrie and not have to have given up Chris Campoli also.

View from Section 317, in a post titled So Long, Tinkerbell: "I will NOT miss Comrie. This guys has killer skills, but to be moved SO MUCH in his career must say something about his attitude. He, in my opinion, is one of the laziest skaters I have EVER seen."

Lighthouse Hockey contributor Michael Schuerlein, at his Islesblogger post:

This makes two jersey’s I own useless now (authentics too…) a Satan and now my Campoli. Good thing that DiPietro I have isn’t ever going to go out of style….

Somehow Garth Snow was able to squeeze a first round draft pick out of Ottawa for this pair of players, perhaps he tried for a prospect in addition to the pick but likely couldn’t get the coveted first rounder. ... Sure, as IslesFaninCA points out we shipped out two relatively young players who could have been key to the rebuild. However, Jack Hillen has been making great strides and Bruno Gervais has been improving steadily defensively. This is also a good chance for another young player to make his break into the Islanders lineup...

On the NYIsles Scene: "Overall this is a good pick; however, it raises the question of what will happen now on the blueline, seeing as the Isles lack depth on defense. Will that drive the front office to pick Hedman instead of Tavares in the draft? Who's to say."

And Former Isles already has #14 and #89 added to the ex-Isle catalog.

Lighthouse Hockey's take is here. Cast your vote in that post or leave a comment if you have a take.