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Islanders trade Campoli, Comrie to Ottawa for low 1st-round pick and McAmmond

[Updated 6:30 with Islesblogger's reaction below] Dean McAmmond is a pending UFA winger but has played center in the past. I guess he gives the Isles some depth the rest of the way after the injuries at center all over the place -- but why? Ottawa's cap room? The first-round pick is San Jose's, so it could very easily be #29 or #30 overall -- which would give the Islanders two picks within two to four slots (pending the lottery ball). So that's flexibility in case they have access to a player someone else wants in the second round.

You can definitely file this under the first transactions made to fit Scott Gordon's style -- although I think Gordon would have liked to have made it work with Campoli.

I thought Chris Campoli was in play (his audio reaction here), and I think the blueline needs an overhaul (a Hedman-size overhaul?), but I did not expect this tidbit, from Chris Botta:

"... an NHL source told me earlier today that Chris had asked to be traded. By the time I could confirm the request, the deal was done. ... Chris Campoli wanted a change of scenery, so you can’t get everything you want in return."

Interesting that he was looking to move on. He and Bruno Gervais have always appeared tight, and lately they've logged a lot of minutes. But Scott Gordon recently told Campoli he could do more -- perhaps that conversation didn't go well?

Mike Comrie, who had very little ice time last night, was also unhappy. And you can bet your first-round pick Islanders fans were almost unanimously unhappy with him.

In one move, Snow has salvaged an (albeit low) first-rounder and fired off his best trade chips -- unless Bill Guerin can be talked into waiving his NMC, and/or someone can be talked into taking Brendan Witt's $3 million per.

My initial reaction was that Ottawa thinks it's making the playoffs, but I guess this is an exchange of Campoli for a first-rounder, with a swap of spare UFA parts thrown in for the hell of it.

So, under the circumstances (Campoli apparently wanting out), how do you think Garth Snow did?

2008 - Chris Campoli 51 6 11 17 -20 43 0 1 2 1 53 11.3

2008 - Mike Comrie 41 7 13 20 -8 26 2 0 0 0 80 8.8

2008 - Dean McAmmond 44 3 4 7 2 16 0 1 2 0 40 7.5

Islesblogger's Take:

On the trade in general:

Obviously, like any true Islanders fan I would have drove Comrie anywhere in North America had it involved him not being around anymore - however, I am saddened that Chris Campoli will not longer be an Islander. While Campoli was a second pairing guy on the Isles - he may struggle even more in a fishbowl such as Ottawa. Every mistake he makes, every penalty he takes and everything he says will be scrutinized in a way he has never known in his professional career....good luck Chris.

On the trade's return:

I don't know much about Dean MacAmmond honestly, I know he is a grizzled veteran and had low numbers with Ottawa. He was likely a salary only move - but he does have experience in as a veteran so he could very well be moved again come the deadline.

The first round pick that was originally San Jose's is big regardless of where it winds up falling. The Islanders now have four picks in the top-50 of the 2009 draft - I am hearing the top-37 in reality. This is another huge step in rebuilding. Fans needs to realize that youth will have to be moved - regardless of a youth movement or not.

On how Comrie and Campoli were "unhappy" playing for Gordon:

Honestly, this is a bit of a concern for me as it makes three players who are/were unhappy with Gordon over the last two months. If there are three, there are more - just how many are there?

Either way, this trade was out of no where - no rumors, no rumblings other than some speculation recently on Campoli's possible availability. There is still plenty of time before the deadline, at least Garth is actively looking to make the team better in the long term, instead of the short.

Having said that, there is still the high chance that some of the early picks we have acquired can be flipped for an "impact now" type of player.

Isn't this part of the season the best?

[Dominik interjects: "Hell yes!"]