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Splinters: Lunchtime links to lick our loss wounds

Ah, the resiliency of the human spirit: You can get used to the injuries, and the losses piling up during this rebuild. But then a blowout at home hits, and you scramble to find a way to fit that into the Fan's Hierarchy of Tolerable Abuses. Just wash it away. Have a Friday. Saturday night with the Devils and Town of Hempstead Night (wear white!) should be electric. Meanwhile:

  • Nice Q&A with Mark Streit by He likes NY. NY likes Streit. And Redden...?
  • Bettman visits Nashville: Assures the team will break even, still ticked about Radulov, writes "Boots" off to the greedy fraudulent spirit inherent in that has engulfed society "a variety of places." [Nashville City Paper]
  • Is Kari Lehtonen the answer in Philadelphia?(!) [Bird Watchers Anonymous]
  • If we need Parise taken out for Saturday, I think the Kostitsyns know a guy.

Isles blogs:

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