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Islanders-Rangers [open game thread]

This is the way the Rangers season ends, this is the way the Rangers season ends, not with a bang but an ONSLAUGHT FROM THE 30th-PLACE RIVALS.

Well, perhaps that's jumping the gun juuuuuust a tad. But if would be fun if a) The Isles won (in regulation), and b) it continued the Rangers' spiral. A lot to ask, I know, but I had to work on Presidents' Day {plays violin}, so I feel that I -- like the cheesemakers and the meek -- deserve something.

Oldny_medium Nyr-er_medium

New York Islanders (17-33-6, 30th) at Short Island Smurfs (30-22-6, 7th/E)

7 p.m. | Madison Square Garden | MSG-/MSG+

[Lighthouse Hockey preview: Finish Them!]

Blogs of the Misguided: | Scotty Hockey | Hockey Rodent

For my part, tonight will be a little different than the normal still-nascent game threads, where visitors are always encouraged to chime in with id and insight during the game.

But see, tonight Doug of the Islanders 'Official's Outlook blog has organized a Cover It Live live blog with some of the other Islanders bloggers. So I will be joining him and others there while also checking in here to keep the light on and my dinner warm. Islesblogger Mike, meanwhile, has a friend over and some beer on tap, so he will participate in the liveblog -- but with a focus on enjoying this "road" game the way nature intended before this bunch of tubes formed to create an innerwebs.

I invite you to stop by and leave your (SFW-ish) piece in either forum. I think Cover It Live usually entails some form of comment moderation -- whereas these SBN threads trust you to behave before you get slapped with a misconduct -- so we'll see how that part goes. Either way, it should be fun. As always, this matchup -- no matter the standings -- has explosive potential.

Game/Roster Notes

I've seen no updates as of this scheduled posting, but this Event Summary link should work and have the game's rosters whenever they're filed.

Note: Box scores and links from this season's previous meetings after the jump...

Final - 1.13.2009 1 2 3 Total
New York Rangers 0 2 0 2
New York Islanders 1 0 0 1

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Final - 12.29.2008 1 2 3 Total
New York Islanders 1 1 2 4
New York Rangers 0 1 4 5

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Final - 11.4.2008 1 2 3 Total
New York Islanders 0 0 2 2
New York Rangers 0 0 1 1

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Final - 10.27.2008 1 2 3 Total
New York Rangers 1 1 2 4
New York Islanders 1 0 1 2

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