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Islanders-Flyers [Witt 1, GMC 0 game thread]

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New York Islanders (11-11-7, 4th/Atl) at Philadelphia Flyers (13-13-1, 5th/Atl)
7 p.m. | The [
R.I.P. Spectrum] Center | Versus, TSN, radio
New Laviolette Disciples: Broad Street Hockey

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Ray Emery is allergic to cheese. (It's true! It's in the Flyers media guide.) But the terrible, underpublicized affliction of cheese allergy is not why he was put on Injured Reserve (abdominal tear, it turns out). So as expected, we get the same goalie matchup as last time: Martin Biron v. Brian Boucher. Meanwhile:

  • Brendan Witt fears no truck. Although he said he was "a little sore," I suspect he's going to be feeling worse in the morning. Those kinds of blows can have a delayed effect. Should be interesting to see what kind of shape he's in tomorrow night in Toronto.
  • Botta says the Isles have, indeed, shopped for another blueliner. One of these months, maybe they'll find one.
  • The Isles practiced their miserable powerplay ... on choppy ice. Said Streit: "Even [in practice], it didn't really work that well." Excellent.
  • Local product Tony Romano -- suddenly not so local -- was indeed sent to ECHL Utah.

Note: This game is on Versus. This post is our in-game thread, where you leave wit and game observations, conduct general tomfoolery, dodge Yukons -- and spill egg nog, of course. Mind the rug, though.