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Islanders-Rangers [Epis. 4 game thread]

Next Game

New York Islanders (14-17-7, 4th/Atl) at New York Rangers (18-16-3, 3rd/Atl)
7 p.m. EST | Madison Square Garden | MSG, MSG+2, radio
Children Who Were Left Behind: Blueshirt Banter
Other Interest: WJC opening games at 4, 6 and 8 p.m. on NHL Network

Complete Coverage >

Roloson still running with the ball. Tambellini still observing from the rafters. Tim Jackman back and ready to throw. A Finn Named Jesse back down to Bridgeport to think about what he's learned.

Scheduling Note: Note that tomorrow's game, at home to the Flyers, is an early 5:05 p.m. start.

I'm still in holiday mode, in a good way. Hope you are, too. Here be thy Merry Game Thread, battle of New York style. If you're watching, drop a line and tell us what you see. If you're not watching, this conversation never happened, and this operation does not exist.