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Greetings and Thanks

When I think of "what I want for Christmas" in an Islanders hockey sense, this picture sums it up fairly well:

A style of blue that says "Islanders" to me, and resonates right to my core. A promising star, some surprising newcomers, and some ole vets just trying to help them along the way. Oh, and Coliseum fans leaping to their feet at the sight of a goal and the sound of a horn (whatever song they choose to play along with it, for me it's secondary to that moment when thousands of fans collectively recognize the puck's over the line and begin their roar).

I'm grateful for hockey -- to play, to watch, to pass appreciation on to the next generation. I'm grateful to you all: Whether you're an everyday commenter, a lurking Islanders fan, a blogger who has helped me along the way (or tech support who ensures all I have to do is throw some words up here on a regular basis), or just a fan of another team who checks in on this place for the fun and levity and mutual appreciation of this kick-ass thing we call hockey.

I'm a lucky guy in a thousand ways. One of 'em: I have tons of family that I will actually be happy to be around for the next week, so I don't need an online escape today. But if you're not so lucky, or if you're just checking in while waiting for the oven to warm, or doing who knows what, let me just say again: Thanks. You make doing this fun and worthwhile. Whatever your faith or secular rituals, have a great holiday. Let's Go Islanders.

Now go spike that egg nog.