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Post-game: Gordon sees irony; Roloson identifies with reporters

Holiday post-game video filler here... Coach Scott Gordon: "A lot of irony in this game." As in: The Isles scored immediately after an "atrocious" powerplay, and Gordon was tickled to get the win on this night, when the Maple Leafs surge in the third "was probably our worst 5-on-5 period in this stretch of losses."

Funny game, this hockey:

Speaking of funny: After the jump, Roloson's post-game includes an amusing attempt to compare taking this win into a holiday break to reporters writing "that best article you ever wrote" and then having a couple weeks to relish it. I can only imagine the reporters' reactions: "Weeks?! Weeks?! I'm lucky to 'relish' a good piece for 10 minutes before my editor is on top of my ass again!"