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Rob Schremp's 1st NHL goal was hilarious

Rob Schremp was a much, much, much, much-debated talent in Oilers fan circles.

If we think we're unsure of how much he can bring to the table on a consistent basis (and whether he's received ample opportunity to do so), we don't know the half of what Oilers fans went through in the five years since he was drafted.

So considering the one thing that is undisputed about Schremp -- that he has the hands of a hockey magician -- I found his first NHL goal some sort of awesome.

I'm not sure which made me belly-laugh more: That it was a squibbler that banked off Tim Thomas's foot (after Matt Moulson did the bulk of the work), or that in his goal celebration he ran up ice like a cow on fire, jumping spread eagle into Mark Streit's arms. I guarantee it did not go how he dreamed it up as a kid, and I guaran-damn-tee he doesn't care one bit.

You only score your first NHL goal once. (And by "you" I mean not you or me, but rather athletes who have actually done it.) Rob Schremp Hockey, unmistakably, made the most of his. Congratulations.