Bergie: Biggest Draft Bust of the Decade???

This quote from Dominik-

Sean Bergenheim is a diligent, feisty, responsible two-way player, which is why Scott Gordon trusts him in defensive situations more than the "pure" scorers on the Islanders. from his recent olympics entry. It is a simple and IMO factual statement- nothing to argue over in it because Isles fans know the simple truth of it. But, this quote reminded me of something I wanted to bring up: Did any of you see the downloadable issue 10-year draft review from (I quoted the whole Isles part here if you dont want to download the issue.) This guy calls Bergie the Isles biggest 'draft bust' of the last decade! I was honestly shocked when I saw that. Am I missing something? I decided to use the Arenas Isles Twitter feed to say something to him, and here it is:

@cory_wilkins Hey man I know the kid needs to improve & all but you really think Bergenheim is the Isles biggest draft bust of the decade???

Straightforward enough, I thought. In one Twitter-sized infochunk, I let him know that sure we know Bergie could be even better- but that calling him a draft bust at all let alone the biggest draft bust of the entire decade is not sitting well with at least one Islanders fan. His response:

@NHLArenaNYIsles I like Bergenheim but he's a tough sell as a 1st rounder. Maybe another option is Nilsson (15th) in the deep 2003 draft?

So- Cory likes him, but still thinks he is the biggest draft bust of an entire decade for the NY Islanders? Huh? Then he mentions Nilsson... who IMO would be a better choice, and that tells me that he was supposedly considering all these other guys but STILL came to the conclusion that Bergie is the organizations biggest draft bust of the entire decade. Do I believe that? Nope, not really. Honestly, I believe this guy gave the Isles relatively little thought. And I believe Nilsson went up a few points with this guy because Robert Nilsson is playing in Canada and was traded along with fellow bust candidate Ryan O'Marra for Captain Canada himself, while Bergie is just- here... on the Islanders. IMO not picking Nilsson was done so that he is not 'insulting' Edmonton.

@cory_wilkins Nilsson's a FAR better choice as would be O'Marra. Bergie's at least a contributing NHL player who's doing something positive!

He did not write back after that. So what do you think about this? If you disagree with his decision, I think you should let him know so. I can honestly see someone thinking that Bergie should be more or better than he is, I even agree, but calling him a big bust at all let alone the biggest bust of the decade just seems crazy to me.

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