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Islanders-Sabres [game thread]

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Isle-east_medium Buf-upright_medium
New York Islanders (5-4-5, t-4th/Atl) at Buffalo Sabres (8-2-1, 1st/NE)

7 p.m. EST | [some London bank of Buffalo] Arena | MSG+2 (twice the plus!)

Sabre-wielders: Die by the Blade

Islanders Gameday in Buffalo: The drive for five resumes
An Impossible Dream? Maybe not.
Projections and Some Commentary

Complete Coverage >

If you're not, you know, privy to new information which has come to light, the Sabres called up their #3 goalie Jhonas Enroth (surprisingly, that's not a spelling error). But only to fill the water boy role for Patrick Lalime, who doesn't want any chance of facing Jeff Tambellini apparently has what they call groin pains.

Also of interest: Buffalo coverage from John Vogl, featuring audio of Martin Biron about getting his 200th win against his old mates. ... and Matt Moulson is the latest tenant of, as Dee put it, "Hotel Chez Dougie."

This is the open game thread. It's where people who are watching, or listening, or wish they were watching or listening, come to say their piece, exchange riffs, debate chili recipes, and generally capture the spirit of the thing.

Let's. Go. Is-lan-ders. If you make it five in a row, I swear I'll take back every last bad thing I said. And I'll floss.