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Islander Reading: Frans Nielsen is day-to-day, and aren't we all

Just a few links for the sheer joy of hockey reading. Tomorrow: a randomly selected month overview (how about November?) and a word about Olympic candidacies.

  • When Rob Schremp Hockey was put on ice, Scott Gordon said Schremp's next shot would be at center, not on the wing. Backing that up, Schremp is practicing in Frans Nielsen's spot. Bad news for Schremp-loving Sim-haters: It's with Jon Sim. Good news? It's with Jeff Tambellini, too. Three favorite topics, all on one line.
  • Worse news for Schremp-lovers, but elation for me: That same Botta post is updated to say Frans is day-to-day. Do help Frans in his fight against Martinek Syndrome.
  • Kyle Okposo received the day off. If you missed the link to the left, here's a look at his first 100 NHL games. [Okposo Net]
  • Check Behind the Net for a look at the referees with the greatest home bias since 1995-96. Probably the types who put the home team on a 1:50 5-on-3 because Richard Park fought back for position.
  • With 27 points in 27 games, you're probably aware the Isles are on pace for a 21-point improvement. Here's a look at their peers. [From the Rink]
  • And it's been one year since Brian Burke took over the team in that one Ontario hamlet. Down Goes Brown takes the satirical look back. I might as well look back, too, at my faux "NHL GM Chat Room" which took place just after Burke had resigned from Anaheim and everyone and their brother knew he was heading to Toronto.
  • Autograph Hounds: John Tavares will be at the NHL Store in Manhattan tomorrow (Tuesday) from 4-5 p.m. Word is he can only sign "autograph cards" (3" x 5" pictures provided at the store), so don't go bringing your underwear or jersey or lucky stick or anything like that.