Garth Snow now has "green light" from Wang to make stupid deals

Not that I'm trying to take away from a great start to the season from this team. Was reading Chris Botta's latest in regards to whether or not Wang is choking Snow's funds right now. According to Snow, Wang has given him the green light to go out and spend for guys so they can improve their post season chances.


I think this franchise is jumping the gun here and is too easily fooled by a good looking start to the season. This really is nothing more than a mirage and it will dissapear as we approach late January. That's barring any serious injury to key players and those seem to be piling up now. Even healthy, and I think we've gone over this ad nauseum this season, the D just is not skilled or mobile enough to make a difference for a very long period of time.


Snow could deal for D now but anything significant is going to cost too much. Once the season starts D is at a premium and the price tag goes up as each game goes by.


The biggest question is, at what price? My bet? Given the teams position any significant upgrade is going to cost this team one of these: Bailey, Okposo, DeHaan, Hamonic, Ness, Donovan, First rounder, second rounder or Petrov. Then there are the Vets which (Sutton, Weight, Witt) are also gonna most likely cost a pick or a prospect as a sweetener to any skilled Dman coming back.


The price is too high for a team that's slowly starting to show some bite at the NHL level and replenish it's stock in the AHL, Juniors and college.


My take? Allow the team to fail or succede on it's merits this season. Let this years draft and summer UFA market take care of the rest. If anything, if Snow is thinking of making a rush to judgement trade, at least wait till after the WJC considering that DeHaan (He's put on 14 lbs since camp)  and Hamonic are a lock to make it.


This may be New York where patience in sports is not really pary of the culture. This is hockey and in this sport, slow and steady wins the race. The Isles priorities is still to stock up on as many picks as they can grab so injuries to guys like Martinek and Sutton don't kill this team. And we are gonna see the fall out from those in the weeks to come. Keep stocking till you reach a point where you can get the UFAs you need at discount on short term deals and sign your core to long term deals. The last thing you want is to become a farm team for the rest of the NHL like Buffalo has with Brierre, Campbell and Max Afenigenov (I said Snow should have signed at least this UFA).

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