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Which was Roloson's best save? There were only 58 of them.

Last night's franchise-record 58-save performance by Dwayne Roloson was the type of display that makes #30 ROLOSON jerseys suddenly pop up in the stands overnight like fuzzy dandelions.

Seriously: If you were 8 years old and watched that game last night, you'd go right to your Dad with a new "absolutely positively must-have 'cause I really need it, Dad, I neeeeeeed it" item on your holiday wish list. Don't tell me you wouldn't.

So in honor of something historic by old man Roloson, it's time to vote on his best save of the night. Videos of these after the jump.

The Keep It Even, Just Relax Save

Second-period, game still 0-0, Islanders powerplay, Kyle Okposo (who had an uncharacteristic poor game) turns it over, allowing Jason Blake to rush in shorthanded. Roloson stops him, then also stops a second shot from the point. Remain calm boys, Rollie is here. (Bonus points for Rollie getting feisty after they storm his crease):

The "My 40-Year-Old Leg is Stronger Than Your Stupid Flimsy One-Piece Stick" Save

It's 3-1 Isles, closing seconds of the 2nd period. Surely if they can escape to the 3rd with a two-goal lead intact, they'll pull their heads out of their orifices and hold on for the win, right? So Roloson slams the door on Lee Stempniak:

The "Traffic Don't Phase Me, I'm Rollie the Goalie" Save

3-2 Isles, 14 minutes left, this is looking ugly as the Isles run around like headless chickens in their own zone. The Leafs put traffic in front and pound away from the point, then on Ponikarovsky's rebound. No dice.

The "Even My Own Damn Teammates Can't Sabotage This Night" Save

Still 3-2 Isles, 12:35 left in regulation. Not only does Roloson stop Phil Kessel on a great one-timer that was fed from behind the goal line, but he manages to keep the puck out after teammate Tim Jackman crashes into him and bowls him into the goal:

The "This Stupidity? This Ends Now." Save

After a 20-minute onslaught, the Leafs have finally tied it. The Islanders have blown another 3-0 lead, despite Roloson's best efforts. And while they're still announcing the goal, Kessel gets the puck in prime position: On his forehand, with traffic in front of the net, and with the ability to unleash his laser wrist shot around that traffic toward the far post ... where Roloson's glove calmly awaits. If this one goes in, game over. But Dwayne didn't make 50-some saves by this point just to have us reach game over:

The Jedi Awareness Save

You're just not supposed to be able to pick up deflections that are this good -- not unless your team has bailed on you all night and you expect the perfect storm on every shot. This is the one that should have won it for Toronto. Instead, Roloson pulls some kind of Jedi trick to pick off Hagman's sweet redirect in overtime.

Which one was your favorite? There were 58, so I might have left a few dozen out.