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Islanders-Blues [game thread]

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New York Islanders (
8-7-7, 5th/Patrick) at St. Louis Blues (7-8-4, 5th/Norris)
8 p.m. EST | Drinkscotch (nee Kiel) Center | MSG+, radio
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A moment to pile on a storied NHL vet who just scored two goals: As much as last night's last-minute (okay 67 seconds) loss stung, I couldn't help noticing that Owen Nolan was only in prime scoring position because he was so slow getting up after being knocked on his butt. If Blake Comeau had gotten the puck out of the zone I'm not sure when Nolan would have actually meandered back into the play to help his team defend a last-minute rush.

Previously, on Josh Bailey's goal, Nolan was one of at least two Wild forwards who were taking their time on the backcheck, like it was NHL circa 1985 or something. That doesn't make me feel better, of course, but it reminded me that sometimes a vet like Nolan lucks into good things despite playing a rather old-man's game. Alternatively: Sometimes your best work goes unrewarded, while your worst work turns up roses. Ah, hockey.

Gordon, per Strang, on the loss:

"We can't point the finger at that last goal. That was one bad play that happened for the wrong reasons. ... a puck we need to get out of our zone." ~snip~ "For long portions of the game we controlled the play. We just didn't score on our powerplay and that was the difference."

True. But when you haven't converted your chances and it's still tied in the final 67 seconds...that's a mistake you don't make. You haven't earned the cushion. If only hockey players were perfect.

When I prepped this post, there was no word on the lineup, but you have to bet on Dwayne Roloson. If I were a coach managing inconsistent players, this is when I'd reintroduce Jeff Tambellini for Blake Comeau. But I ain't a coach.

However, Strang has been tweeting several hints of changes, as well as news of Witt sitting out again.

But this is the game thread where anyone can randomly chat up the game or favorite beer or the latest Steven Segal joint. If anyone from St. Louis Game Time (the Blues blog on SBN) shows up, they're probably Web friends of mine on a field trip, checking out the place and pouring a cold one while soiling the furniture and stealing the good cheese. It's all good.

Have fun. Let's. Go. Islanders Blues Islanders Blues Islanders. Three-point game. Just hit me.