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Believe It: Brendan Witt's two goals key Islanders 3-1 win

Apparently, Godzilla isn't finished rising yet. Another methodical, confidence-building win for the Islanders, who shook off a fluky Oilers goal and a sluggish start to tie in the first via John Tavares, then grab the lead and insurance on two goals by ... Brendan Witt?

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Final - 11.2.2009 1 2 3 Total
Edmonton Oilers 1 0 0 1
New York Islanders 1 2 0 3

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When you win with unlikely scoring like that, I don't know whether it's a sign that things or going right or things are just outright bizarre. But this much can't be denied: For the fourth game in a row, the Islanders took what was given them, didn't panic when things were tight (whether when trailing or when entering the 3rd with a lead), and have developed -- dare we say it? -- a swagger. I didn't expect a loss against a struggling, ailing Oilers team tonight, but to see the win so clinically achieved still had me double-checking my meds.

The islanders have now won four in a row. Their 15 points put them -- and the rest of the Atlantic -- in playoff territory. Is this real life? Could Witter crack a smile when asked about his goals? Is a bear Catholic?

Outshot 'em 37-23, won the faceoff battle again 32-22 (though multiple PPs help), drew penalties in the third by taking the play to the Oilers. Basically, instead of our instinctive fear of blowing a third-period lead, in the last two games the Islanders have come out and dominated a weakened opponent in the final frame. That's what you're supposed to do, but the reality is it's news that the successor to the 2008-09 Islanders has just done it without flinching.

[Video highlights after the jump] I'll add to this one in the morning, incorporating your thoughts. But for now, do not adjust your TV: Islanders win, baby!


Not too shabby, eh?