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Islanders-Oilers [game thread]

Next Game

The Last Dynasty interruptus (7-6-1, t-3rd/NW) at The Last Dynasty traditionalus* (4-4-5, t-4th/Atl)
7 p.m. EST | Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Veterans Mem. Coliseum | MSG+
Hub of Oil Research: Orange Copper & Blue

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Site/admin Note: There is an SB Nation visual "refresh" scheduled for tomorrow early a.m., so at some point in the wee hours access may be interrupted. Nothing major, just smoothing some edges and trying to make this a better experience for you. That, combined with my own late-night schedule, means the game recap may wait until morning -- but take it away in comments, FanPost manifestos, etc.

In lieu of any of what those of a certain generation call "news" today, we'll go with a "tweet" and a "blog," which are bits of information transmitted over what I believe the young folk call, "the Interwebs," which I'm told is going to make the telegraph obsolete. Nonsense! So:

Lubomir Visnovsky just might play after all ... Shawn Horcoff, "not on his deathbed," will play for sure, and former Rangers coach Tom Renney calls the Islanders "a playoff team." ::blink, blink:: Oh, I see what you did there, Mr. Renney. Very cagey, sir, but it's going to take a lot more than your smoke for us to get ahead of ourselves and take your virus-carrying bunch lightly. If you don't mind, we'll blow smoke up our own derrieres, thank you very much.

Thus begins your Islanders-Oilers "When Carbon Traces of Dynasties Meet" live game thread. Be yours to hold it high.