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Islanders Links: Victory weekend edition

Game tonight, as the journeying immunity-challenged Oilers visit. Preview will be up late morning. Meanwhile, check out the FanPosts, and:

Reactions to the big Sabres shutout and win streak: Newsday | Post | The "Godzilla" reference at NYT Slap Shot | The Rivalry with some reality checks | Islanders Outsider with a defense of Tambellini's 3rd goal and more | Eric's stat trick | Botta's +/- | NYIFC, who hates commas | Newsday's Tambellini evolution piece (That'll be $5, please)

Tom was one of the press members who voted Biron #1 star. He explains why -- and questions why a vote for the shutout goalie's 200th win makes him "clueless." [Tiger Track]

Election: Nick had a sit-down with Kate Murray opponent Kristen McElroy. [Let There be Light(house)]

The Oilers are under the weather, were shutout in Boston Saturday, and had trouble with Chara. [Edm. Journal] ... Speaking of tonight's opposing coverage, Copper & Blue has a great retrospective on Jacques Plante. Plus, an amusing update on their much-debated castoff. (No, not Comrie, Schremp!)

Victims of this year's first Islanders win, the Hurricanes are in a world of hurt. Says Bob at Canes Country: "Just about everything is wrong." Isles visit them again Nov. 13.