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Islanders links: Moulson love then and now

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Been busy on some other things, so no major thesis or probing question today. Hoping to add a news widget to the left-margin, but I have to tinker with that still before the porridge is juuust right. Mean time, here's stuff goin' on with the Isles and various other headcases before the road trip begins tomorrow in Washington:

Off the Island: Crazy Goalies.

Already FanShotted Scott Clemmensen's hilarious inability to adjust to life away from the Devils system, but J.S. Giguere's lament about "having fun" only when he's starting, and preferring retirement to a backup role, had me laughing and thinking of Clemmensen all over again.

Dear NHL goalies: Your job is hard, this we know. But there are only 30-60 of them available, so you might accept that no one is entitled to diddly squat, and hope your bosses don't look to Europe for a guy who's both good and glad to be here.