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This just in: Kyle Okposo is good, and other Islanders views

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This Scott Gordon quote about Kyle Okposo -- before last night's game -- made the rounds quickly:

"Well, if anybody was talking about him as if he were a surprise, they weren't watching the second half [last season]. He has established himself as a guy who just does everything right."

But we can forgive outsiders for not watching the Islanders last season. To help them, here's an Okposo offering from last night:

What I particularly appreciate was the game situation: Islanders down 2-0 on a couple of tough luck goals, just minutes left in the 2nd period. Going into the 3rd down by only one goal would really change the outlook, wouldn't it? So Okposo intercepts Matt Moulson's flubbed point shot, spins Volchenkov around, and makes Pascal LeClaire drop to his knees three separate times in preparation for the shot. But it didn't end there. Okposo, just two games since coming back from concussion, continues driving the net to bury it while Jason Spezza watches.

Post-game links after the jump...

Stories from People with Titles:

  • Ottawa Citizen: "I guess this is why Ray Emery has [Martin Biron's] old job in Philadelphia. Bad time for bad goals."
  • In delightful contrast, Katie Strang's Newsday recap has quotes from Biron about how the team wanted more, how no one got used to losing last year.
  • Also from the Citizen: Tavares-oriented recap, with some good riffs from his landlord, Doug Weight.
  • Speaking of which, John Jeansonne's profile of Captain Weight highlights the differences from dealing with young whipper-snappers today versus when he broke into the league and, presumably, had to comb both of Messier's hairs.
  • The Senators home opener featured empty seats, 1,098 short of a sellout. The only possible conclusion is that 1992 NHL expansion was a failure, Gary Bettman hates Canada, and Hamilton should have this team.
  • Ottawa Sun recap focuses on Matt Carkner's unlikely first NHL goal. (I liked the Sens announcers' line last night: "Twenty years from now, that goal is an end-to-end rush..." Oldie but goodie.)
  • And reaction from the gang over at Silver Seven Sens.


  • Thoughts from the Tavares family about his career finally beginning for real. [Oakville Beaver]
  • Old friend Joey MacDonald is profiled in the National Post, since he's called up to backup Vesa Toskala after The Monster (TM)'s groin injury.

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