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Penguins-Islanders home opener [game thread]

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7 p.m. EDT | Nassau Veterans Memorial [gloriously unsponsored] Coliseum | MSG+
Enemy pundits at SBN: Those dag-dern Cup holders at Pensburgh

So this is the open thread for the game. If you're new here, or new to SB Nation sites, these are handled in a variety of ways. But for this site, essentially, whereas game-day preview posts serve as forum for discussing whatever topic of the day in (somewhat) lucid fashion, these game threads are designed more as a Wild West open chat for whoever wants to partake, however your little Internet heart desires. Sometimes I'll bump these off the main page a day or two after the game, but you can always find them through the Game Threads section link on the left side of the home page.

When there are lots of people participating, you'll see the SBN comment platform shine to help you make sense of it all. When there are just a handful, you might end up giving crazy speeches like the guys in that square in London whose name currently escapes me. That's all cool.

Rooting on Okposo, deriding the refs, belching, play-by-play, sharing what beer you're drinking, where you are (if your commenting mobile-y), etc., etc. In short, I don't necessarily want you to fill it up with belly lint, but if you must share your belly lint, these threads are the place. You can learn a lot about each other from a little belly lint now and then.

Sometimes it's fun to come back after a game and read what others were thinking as it happened. Other times, it's best we just never talk about said incident ever again. Such is the joy of the game thread; be yours to hold it wild.

I'm at the game tonight and don't have a phone through which I can comment here. So, if you're round, however you're round, have fun eh?