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Islanders Links: Beat the Rangers edition

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I love the day after wins, because it brings out the happy in bloggers and fans. And of course I love wins over the Rangers, because it brings out "official" coverage, too. (There are actually 1,000 more reasons to love both, but they don't jibe quite as well with the convention of introducing a links post.)

Them papers: Newsday (that'll be $5 please) | The Brooks treatment: Okposo "the best player on the ice by leaps and bounds" [Post] | Coolest picture of Okposo that you ever did see [Daily News] | Post-game contrasts [Times]

Recaps and tributes galore: Botta's +/- | Islesblogger's live blog | Eric/Forever1940 with the stat trick | Okposo Net in praise of its namesake, who passes Kozlov (hee hee) on all-time Islanders points | B.D. on Gordon relaxed and life sans Gabs [Hockey Independent] | 7th Woman | Islanders 360 looks at the tough scheduleView from 317 | Angie OnTheNYIslesScene

From the other side: Blueshirt Banter with post-mortem | the dark half of The Rivalry | Scotty Hockey's is his 1000th post. | Battle of NY recap

Plus: The Post on Weight's swine flu; Nick with resources on the elections [Let There Be Light(house)]

Randomly Elsewhere: Our next opponent has to get through Atlanta first | Petr Sykora's struggles with the Wild [Puck Update] | Old friend Yann Danis starts against the Bruins tonight [WEEI]

More on last night's game later [update: actually, tonight or tomorrow; Chickendirt has a discussion-stirring FanPost on what the recent good play means, so I'm going to adjust what I had planned]. As always, if you have additional links -- or reactions to any of the above -- the comment box is your friend.