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Islanders-Rangers [game thread]: Baseball, schmaseball

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Nyr-ge_medium Nassau-square_medium
Broadway Baboons (8-3-1, 2nd/Atl) at New York Islanders (1-4-5, 5th/Atl)

7 p.m. EDT | Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Veterans Mem. Coliseum | MSG+

Lost, Misguided Souls: Blueshirt Banter

Complete Coverage >

If you're just joining us, Doug Weight is back -- almost certainly in for Blake Comeau -- and Weight did indeed have the H1N1 "swine" flu. More on that (he didn't feel awful, he did isolate himself from family and his Most Valuable Tenant) via non-subscription wall update by Katie Strang.

Also: Mike Brophy wrote something that makes it sound like the Islanders are turning the corner. He buys the "close games" argument, apparently.

Otherwise, lines and thoughts and stuff in the preview. Roloson in. Gaborik out. What Will Witt Do? etc.

As for this game/comment thread? Well it's chiefly for in-game conversation and reaction, but whatever topics float your boat are cool by me. For example, I heard something about a baseball game tonight ... if you're into that, have at it. (By the way, SBN covers the Yankees at Pinstripe Alley.)

I only have one request: This is the first Islanders-Rangers meeting since SBN's Rangers site, Blueshirt Banter, launched. Jim and his crew have worked really hard building that site. While SBN is conducive to cross-thread banter (something I love, actually), I'm not into flame wars and trolling, etc. So if you're just visiting, be respectful, and I'd expect members here to be the same. I don't really expect that to be an issue, but I just thought it'd be fair to state my premise at the outset. Banter and passion are fun, but shouting matches between fans of opposing teams gets really old, really quick. Sometimes you just have to scream about the game with your own fellow fans, in a virtual living room such as this. Let's Go Islanders!