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Islanders Links: Battle of New York, episode 1 edition

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I figured I'd save the today's game preview for any updates that come out after the morning skate, so check back later for a proper preview plus the game thread. Meanwhile, some links to chew as we begin three games in four nights, also seven in 11:

  • Are you sitting down? Gaborik is doubtful for tonight. (I know, right?) [Star-Tribune, clearly relishing it] Or, if you prefer the Obvious Headline version [NY Post]
  • If you missed it in comment threads, BC shared this link on the Islanders role in playoff beards []
  • Stat-gazing... It's really early to read too much into rate stats, but I like to keep an eye on them to see what changes: After 10 games, Corsi smiles upon Comeau, Streit, Bergenheim and Thompson. Relative +/- ["Rating" column] smiles big time on Sutton and Moulson, as well as Streit, Martinek and Jackman. Near the bottom of the former but in the top six of the latter? Jeff Tambellini. At the bottom of both? Yeah ... Brendan Witt.
  • Jeff Z. Klein's is the best run-down I've seen on the NHL's absurd, inconsistent, untenable position on head shots. Coincidentally, the NFL is about to take more heat ... oh, are head injuries a big deal? {buries head}
  • The Rangers stumbled into a few good decisions in the last year (Tortorella, the Gomez rescue). An under-the-radar one was trading for Enver Lisin, who people already love. [Rink Rap]
  • If you're a subscriber, Newsday says the Isles are braced for battle. That'll be $5.
  • Mike had numerous issues with the Islanders performance in Montreal. [Islesblogger] ... while Angie was slightly more impressed. [OnTheNYIslesScene] ... Was I already in full apologist's mode?
  • Christian continues to pimp a goal song petition. [Islanders Hockey Blog]
  • Update: Islanders. Rangers. Gallof Bros. Sibling Rivalry!


    Islanders. Rangers. Tonight should be fun. You ready?