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Islanders-Canadiens [game thread]

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New York Islanders (1-4-4, 5th/Atl) at Montreal Canadiens (5-5-0, 4th/NE)

7:30 p.m. | Le [telefonica-like substance] Centre | MSG+, RDS, radio

Viewers of 9 more pts. than the Leafs: Eyes on the Prize | Habs Inside/Out | Four Habs Fans

The Injury Bug is sure biting around the NHL
Islanders Gameday: Take #2 in Montreal

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No major NHL-level updates since this morning (but if you see any, share 'em in comments), so we'll just dwell on this: We have another goalie with hip issues. Mikko Koskinen, 8-10 weeks, torn labrum. The butterfly style giveth, and the butterfly taketh away.

But for now: There's a party in our game thread and you're all invited. Hope the game lives up.