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Islanders-Canadiens [game thread]

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Atmosphere should be a tad better than last night, no? As much as three times the attendance? So begins a very funky three-game set, with two visits to Montreal sandwiching the Saturday home game vs. the Washington Ovechkins.

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New York Islanders at Montreal Canadiens

7 p.m. EDT | Le [brewer or telco or such] Centre | MSG+, TSN, RDS; radio feed

Hang out for philosophers and smokers: Eyes on the Prize | Habs Inside/Out | Four Habs Fans

I have no updates since the preview, but you might enjoy this Habs Inside/Out perspective on the Islanders. Also: I may be a little late joining this thread, but happily y'all do not need me to go a threading. Crucial point being the Islanders have not been rebuilding for 20 years -- they've been awaiting leadership who will rebuild them.

Next week should be interesting, when begins charging for online content at a rate that makes the WSJ look cheap. I knew this hobby would get expensive, but $260 per year for a drip of information is some serious coin, particularly considering how awful their revamped Web site has been. We'll figure something out.