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Islanders Links: 1st win celebration edition

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The first win brings out the happy. Lots of love, hugs and kisses around the Islanders nation as third-period fear turns to relief, to jubilation, and to greed -- we want more, and we want it tonight in Montreal.

  • Isles savor 1st 'W' [NY Post]; ... Sutton on Tavares' SO goal: "We all willed him to end that for us" -- and he's serious, as you'll see in the post-game video below [Newsday] ... Gordon and Frans Nielsen on his return [Newsday]
  • The Isles' first win in 200 days, and other stat tricks from Forever1940
  • Botta's +/-, marvels at Matt Moulson: "It can’t be as simple as just going to the net every chance you’ve got, can it?"

More links and post-game videos after the jump...

  • Isleblogger's live blog of the game: "While we wait, Sutton tipped a Jack Hillen shot from the point. They are checking to see if it was too high, being he is eight feet tall."
  • Okposo Net: Relief. "Roloson even went as far as to compare his first Islanders win to a kid attending his first pro sporting event."
  • Islanders 360: "The Isles are on pace to match their point total from last season, averaging 0.7 points per game."
  • 7th Woman: The ups and downs, from Tavares going down (briefly) to him going up, high, on Cam Ward.
  • View from Section 317: Just a happy day in Islanders Country.
  • Islanders Hockey Blog called it a "Miracle on Hempstead Turnpike." Sometimes it feels that way.
  • 7th Woman: Airs worries and grievances about the Lighthouse Project.
John Tavares on the collapse and on being the hero:

Andy Sutton sounds relieved, feels good and believes in the power of positive energy:

Scott Gordon, in his usual riveting post-game demeanor:


Florida-Buffalo: After two goals, Scott Clemmensen was pulled before two minutes had elapsed. Donnie at Litter Box Cats calls the Panthers' situation "disgusting. Embarrassing." And some other pleasantries.

In Chicago, Willie Mitchell came out of the penalty box to level Toews. Video and discussion here. Everyone will say Toews "should have had his head up," but what he really needed was awareness that the penalty was over, and therefore suddenly a third defenseman was lurking to take him out. (Note the other two d-men -- who Toews was no doubt aware of when he turned up ice -- were playing their expected position. It was the third guy, Mitchell, who only gets that opportunity if he's coming out of the box against the run of play.)

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That's not all, but that's a healthy fly-by. If you found something interesting (you can also post a FanShot) or if you wrote something Islander-ific I missed, don't hesitate to drop a note in comments. These posts are intended to record game reactions, see what people are saying, stir a little conversation on any random topic, and spread a little linky love.

Time to take down Montreal -- we are winners, baby!