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Islanders Links: Broken lines and prophecies edition

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I've been traveling -- U2 was phenomenal, my hotel Internet access not so much -- so much of this you may have seen. But it's fun to put into context, for posterity.

I don't typically inflate my own prophecies as anything more than dumb luck, but did I call the "break up" of the first line or what? Mark Herrmann at Newsday and Chris Botta both reported that possibility from practice. "We have to find some secondary scoring," Gordon said, according to Botta. It's not that I think I know stuff -- rather that certain formulas in hockey are as recurring as the raising of the Cup. If they implement this in a game, I'm not a big fan, but ... well, they have to do something.

More importantly, if Frans Nielsen is back, color me excited. I just hope he's back into "game shape" soon. And by "game shape" I mean the shape that makes me think Nielsen is a hidden gem.