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Islanders Links: Loss hangover edition

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I'm traveling this weekend -- this morning I woke up, landed in a new city, changed my perspective ... but the Islanders had still lost last night. Blah.

  • Newsy Recaps: Newsday and the Post with pretty much the same quotes. The Gordon comments about Isles players mistakenly thinking they're an explosive offensive team give food for thought. That's what's eating lines #2 through 4?
  • During his live blog, Mike at Islesblogger reported the best part of the game: "The Sens fans in attendance have thrown their Heatley garb on the ice." Nice.


  • Islanders 2015: For other hockey fans or anyone who hasn't seen it: A very thorough Newsday round-up of where potential relocation options stand if the Lighthouse Project falls through. Baumbach also confirmed through "sources" that there would be an additional fee to move closer to Rangers land, home of the Short Island Smurfs. Speaking of which: More overt campaigning from the Queens Chamber of Commerce.
  • Several league updates from Pierre LeBrun, including Ilya Kovalchuk getting close to a decision on his Thrashers future, and more of the same within the NHLPA.
  • The Ducks were trounced 5-0 at home by the Blues last night, and Behind The Net takes a look at their defense in the post-Pronger era.
  • Also if you missed it: Gordon addressed Rechlicz's poor penalty in the Buffalo game.
  • From the News of the Obvious Department: Shock! Doug Weight might not still be an Islander in March. Now that is how you turn a Mark Messier junket quote into a story about Weight that is old news, but will not be relevant until 50 games from now. This 0-3-3 start has nothing to do with Weight's location in March.
  • Finally, you think you got problems? Lotsa teams got problems. Rebuilding is hard, and the bipolar performance of second-tier prospects is enough to drive you from cloudy hope to the gutter of despair in the span of five minutes. WIth that in mind, Oilers blog Lowetide points out that Ales Hemsky is not a second-tier player, so calls to trade him are insane.

Patience: Turns out it's actually quite hard to maintain.