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Islanders-Sharks [open game thread]

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Saturday night. Retro jerseys. Blue and Orange meets Teal and Black. Tim Gunn has a restrained conniption. Make it work. And skate.

Sj-stick_medium Nyi-4stick_medium
San Jose Sharks (3-3-1, 5th/Pac) at New York Islanders (0-2-3, 5th/Atl)
7 p.m. EDT | Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Veterans Mem. Coliseum | MSG+2
Home of whoa, dude, it's just hockey: Fear the Fin

This would be the spot where I might drop in any late-breaking updates and lineup changes. So if the previous sentence (and this one) are still here, that means either 1) I was lazy (note: That will happen); 2) I was unavoidably detained; or 3) AT&T broke my Internet. Again.

Chat up the game here to your heart's content.