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Islanders-Sabres [open game thread]

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Nyi-ders_medium Sabre-head_medium

New York Islanders (0-1-3, 5th/Atl) at Buffalo Sabres (3-0-1, 1st/NE)

7:30 p.m. EDT | Buffalo's [bank to do with kilts or something] Arena | MSG+2

Upstate blog on SBN: Die by the Blade

Since the preview this morning, there are hints from Chris Botta that Jack Hillen might be in the lineup. (See, sometimes my prayers do get answered. Wait...he's in for Bruno Gervais? You misheard the damned prayer!) Meanwhile, Katie Strang says the lines look the same as we discussed earlier this week -- except she didn't pencil Joel Rechlicz in there. Surely someone on the 4th line takes the drop for The Wrecker.

By game time we'll know what's what. Well, you will. I'll be out for a family dinner, so I'm probably taking this one on the DVR. Discuss as you please in the game thread: Lines, choice of beverage, expressions of dismay, what's the deal with Ovaltine.

Go Josh Bailey line. Give us something good to talk about.