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Isles Halloween Jerseys: None more oranger

<em>via the <a href="" target="new">Islanders official site</a></em>
via the Islanders official site

I'm not a big fan of things like this -- generally, the more you mess with your brand image, the less prestige you can claim is still attached to it. Themed jerseys are fine for the minor leagues because, well, they're the minor leagues.

That said, the Islanders' Halloween promotion is just for the pre-game warmup Oct. 31 against Buffalo, and the look isn't all that crazy -- orange is already an Islanders color (and some fans really dug the old orange thirds), so the biggest gimmick here is the "scary" font for the numbers and nameplates. No pumpkin patches, skeletons or tombstones and such. [Those and many other images via Hockey Blog in Canada.]

Oh, and most importantly: The jerseys are auctioned off for charity. All proceeds go to the Islanders Children's Foundation. As sanctimonious as I can get about staying true to your original threads and the tradition wrapped therein, all that ends when you're raising cash for good causes. Sports fans and their money soon part; might as well redirect some of it toward the betterment of society.

Will you be bidding? For whom? The bids are already at $350-$400 ... oh, except for some whippersnapper whose latest bid is at $930 as of this posting.