The Islanders Goal Song: How about 'New Moon Rising'?

Editor's Note: It was only a matter of time before this topic surfaced here. BC takes it away...

We have all heard distinctive goal songs--including the one we love to hate from Madonna's "Entourage" and Chicago's goal song that Dom truly loves (not!).

One idea for a goal song for the Islanders is the "New Moon Rising" song included in the opening night video introduction. It is at the end of this post (after the jump), AFTER songs used by the Rangers, Hawks, and a few others.

What do you think? [Song samples after the jump.]

Goal Song (Joe Satriani-Crowd Chant) (via coyotesrule94)

Minnesota Wild 06-07 goal song (via NHL2005)

New York Islanders Goal Song (via coyotesrule94)

Chicago Blackhawks 1 08-09 Goal Horn (Chelsea Dagger) (via Fel096)

Rangers Goal Song (via eternalhero316)

Wolfmother NEW SONG New Moon Rising (via JoeyjoejoeJrS)

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