Where is Jeff Tambellini?

Now I've watched and been to just as many games as every other Islander fan out there. My question is why does Tambellini not play ever? I dont understand the arguement that most fans have saying that he doesn't score enough. Personally I cant stand the fact that Jon Sim is dominating the ice time during a "Rebuilding Proccess". I understand that Snow made a few knee jerk signings 3 years ago (Sim Sutton) but thats no reason to sabotage the careers of young prospects like tambellini and Hillen. Tambellini has worked hard and become one of if not the best forecheckers on the team not to mention is one of the only players on the team who can skate worth a damn. If the arguement is that Sim is going to produce more offense then Tambi then fine why not give Jackman a day off instead of Tambi because he isnt going to give you anything. Dont even get me started on the Wrecker... Our major team problem is goal scoring not toughness so if we are inserting a below average tough guy to get even one second of ice time while one of our most dynamic young players is perma-scratched I have to question this rebuilding process. Or at least the effort they are putting towards it. Let Tambi play prefferebly on a line with Schremp and Bergenheim and see what its like to have two offensive lines as opposed to one offensive line and a couple of scattered offensive prospects... But unfortunately im 90% sure I wont see him against the sabres on Friday. And that is the Headache that is being a New York Islanders Fan

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