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Islanders links: We were young and winless

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Just like that, from "point in every game" to "winless like the Leafs."

At least things aren't as desperately below expectations as they are in Toronto. At Fanhouse Chris(topher) Botta ripped the Leafs pretty good after they blew chunks at Madison Square Garden. And boy did they ever: A defense running around aimlessly in the segments I watched. I wasn't high on their offseason blueline moves, but they have time to gel and the money to correct personnel mistakes.

Elsewhere, if you missed it, last night was a night of comebacks, with the Devils erasing a 2-0 deficit to win in SO at Washington, while -- get this -- the Blackhawks erased a 5-0 first-period deficit to win in OT at home against the Flames. Hockey rules, man. It just does.

On the Island, Scott Gordon was blunt about yesterday's loss, saying 22 shots against is nice and all, but there was no offense because players were taking shortcuts -- and they were lazy [Gordon video after the jump]. I like that. Last year, he'd have been a little more coddling at this stage, given the hand he was dealt. I'm optimistic about him, but we still don't know what he can do with a real NHL roster, so I hope he gets the time and establishes the locker room respect so we can find out. After the jump, some random NHL links and a whole lot of Islanders blogger reactions/interviews from the Kids Day game.

This and That

Buffalo's 6'8" Tyler Myers is leaving an impression at age 19. Damn. [Kevin Allen] Speaking of Allen, if you're thinking about summer free agent targets (I'd pass on this whole list in favor of Anton Volchenkov).

Behind The Net's latest stat introspection: Careful when you cite giveaways/takeaways. They're flawed.

Your Lighthouse Project link of the day: Amid the sudden silence from the players, Nick asks what We the People can do to keep the public conversation in the right place.

There Was a Game

  • Gordon: We got lazy. [Newsday]
  • Doug Weight and Martin Biron: Enough with the "young team card," this is hockey. [Post]
  • Same quotes, different paper. [Daily News]
  • Ryan Smyth likes Tavares. Weight likes both of them. Smyth no doubt likes L.A. [Newsday/Herrmann]
  • Repurposing Moulson's pregame comments about his old club after he scored a goal [Newsday]

There Were Blogger Questions -- and Blogger, Coach and Player Reactions