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Splinters: Weekend affirmation edition

What's this? A winless road trip? Fourteen consecutive road losses? Injuries upon injuries? Don't be so down. The weekend beckons. And it could be worse. [Ed.: Oh, stop it, you liar.] No really! It could be! We could have:

Plus, if you're a blogger, at least you don't constantly have to spell Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk, of Russia's Chernyshev Division. (Apologies to any Neftekhimik-blogging Lighthouse Hockey readers.)

If that's not enough, if your blood still boils, try the "Five Easy Steps for Reducing Fan Rage," which a reader posted at fellow SBN site Pension Plan Puppets. Have little ones at home? Read to them as Leafs fan Heroes in Rehab does (just switch out "Islanders" for "Leafs," "Garth" for "Brian," etc.)

So gather 'round. We can get through this. We know the fisherman isn't coming back. Milbury neither. Relax. Have a nice weekend. Maybe we'll draft a superstar in June.