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Islanders at Oilers [open game thread]

Stripes-square_medium Edm-mid_medium

The Last Dynasty (old definition) at The Last Dynasty (interrupt allowed, v.1)

9:30 EST | [many names that should be Northlands] Coliseum | MSG+

Oilers blog sampling: Lowetide | Battle of Alberta | mc79hockey

As mentioned in the FanShot earlier, Logan reported that Doug Weight is an injury scratch -- and it's his foot, not his groin. CW says: Good for lottery chase; bad for trade deadline returns. Sentiment says: I just like to see good players play hockey. On fast Edmonton ice, no less.

Rick DiPietro is expected to start [Update: Which means, of course, that he's backing up. Because nothing follows intuition with DP's health and playing time this year]. Shine on you crazy youngsters, shine.