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Splinters: Hip conditioning, Weight and promos

I always think the holidays will provide extra time to catch up, but it never happens. So many games. So many stories. So little time between cocktails and kisses from Aunt Edna.

With that in mind, some busy-season links from around the Island and beyond, after the jump:

  • Hip issues galore! NYI Fan Central asks why people rip DiPietro for coming back too soon, when Sillinger took the long way back and is hurt again anyway, without a critical peep? (Context, it's all context.)
  • Related but with a different spin: B.D. Gallof asks why the team AHL conditions UFA Sillinger, and scoring-challenged Tambellini, but not Franchise 'till 2021 DiPietro?
  • Next up: The Oilers' special teams stink. Weren't they supposed to be great this year? I swear THN had a cover story hyping them, and THN is bible...
  • Because he's Sidney Crosby, the fight/jumping/I-thought-you-said-yes thing with Brett McLain has People. Reacting. Everywhere. Meh, he got his PIMs.
  • NYI Fan Central also pointed out that, according to Spitfires GM Warren Rychel back in December, Josh Bailey could still go to juniors before Jan. 10 and preserve some UFA flexibility down the line. Dream on, Warren; Josh scores now.
  • On every visit, the Isles official site has Doug Weight telling us, "I'm an Islander." Should Garth Snow maybe walk down to PR and say ix-nay on the Weight promo until after the trade deadline? If he is dealt, it will not be a warm-and-fuzzy parting.
  • Speaking of promotion, lighter side: Islesblogger unearths one of those campy local commercials, featuring Weight, Guerin and Bailey.
  • Finally, Mike Comrie shares his stick (oh, stop it.): OntheNYIslesScene tracks down a young Isles fan who wanted Comrie memorabilia, brought a sign to the game asking for it, and received. All I ever got was a puck from Gordie Roberts.