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Islanders win, Gordon ticked; Splinters recap

Despite nearly blowing a 4-0 lead in the third -- something that necessarily calls to mind early-season collapses -- the Islanders got what I wanted they wanted out of last night's 5-4 win in Atlanta: A demonstration that the kids are alright.

Are they ever. Powered by Kyle Okposo's two goals, Josh Bailey's pretty passing, and Blake Comeau's guided motor, the Islanders withstood a comeback and even punched back -- with that Kid Line [better nickname pending] leading the way. Great to see Trent Hunter and Doug Weight back and scoring, too. Now about that lead...

You had to feel for Yann Danis, the recipient of tough love from Scott Gordon. Last time Danis gave up three third-period goals, he didn't see NHL game action for an eternity. His look of relief at the final buzzer was telling, but the smiles on the kids' faces reminded us why we love this silly game.

Blade Splinters-ish Recap -- from around the Island:

That's what I saw skimming the blogroll and the great Yes! Islanders feed at a silly hour while doing other, actually employment-based work. As always, feel free to add other links in comments. [Inner self: You wouldn't be doing real work at that hour if you didn't let hockey--Stop it! Just stop it!]

Hockey Night on Long Island

Finally, yours truly will be a guest Saturday, 3:30 EST -- dialing in from the Official Lighthouse Bunker -- on Hockey Night on Long Island, when we'll discuss all the wild news buzzing around the Islanders. Also on the show: Don (Whale4ever), who runs the hilarious Panthers blog Litter Box Cats. I'm looking forward to it almost as much as a cat-litter headline after the Isles beat the Panthers that night. (What's this?! Two wins and suddenly hubris?! Against the hot club that just trounced zee Canadiens?).

Be warned: While I have a face for radio, I also have a voice for Morse Code. Direct link to the show will be up later.