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Islanders at Sharks [wee hours game thread]

Note: Botta says he'll be up with a live blog of sorts. FYI, if you're up and not at a wedding/all-night bender/stalking-ex-partner mission, the wonders of SBN provide a lovely in-game conversation platform here.

No need to click "refresh" to see new comments, no need to say "@jay #21" to explain who you're replying to. You can bold! You can bullet! You can post photos! The tools are fast and fairly drunk-proof, as the Fear the Fin game thread will no doubt demonstrate.

Isle-east_medium Sj-stick_medium

New York Islanders (12-23-4, 30th) at San Jose Sharks (28-4-5, 1st uber alles)

10-freaking-30 p.m. EST | [PC cow palace+] Pavilion | MSG+

Sharks game thread at: Fear the Fin

Let's have Josh Bailey goal #2 and Doug Weight point #1003 tonight -- what do ya' say?