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Islanders at Thrashers [healthy scratch game thread]

With the Islanders suddenly pretending that they're almost healthy (I believe under five men on IR qualifies as "healthy"), Jon Sim and Jeff Tambellini are "healthily" scratched tonight. Fun fact: Tambellini has the lowest Goals Against/60 minutes of any Islander skater. He's not scoring, but he's not giving them up*, either.

*relative to the rest of this porous team

Logan, enjoying Atlanta weather but ticked he has to blog instead of golf, confirms the kids will compose a line, and kid orphan Frans Nielsen will reunite with Trent Hunter.

Oldny_medium Thrash-hub_medium

New York Islanders (13-29-5, 30th) at Atlanta Thrashers (17-27-5, 29th)

7 p.m. EST | [like, light bulbs or something] Arena | MSG+

Thrashers blog: Bird Watchers Anonymous (formerly "... Large Talons?")

This is the game thread -- the part where you can comment without making sense, let off steam while watching the game, or insert strange pictures that somehow correlate to the game if played in another dimension. It's an SBN feature that's nice because it's seamless and doesn't require "refreshing" to see new comments, among other features.

It's also where the blogger will join in banter (if he's watching live) or, pending loneliness, take notes that make scratching together a game recap a whole lot easier. If you drift by, the floor is yours.

SBN Commercial, cont'd.

But breaking with "keep them in" marketing rules, I should mention that the excellent Carolina Hurricanes [Whaler stealers!] blog, Canes Country, is the latest to jump to the luverly flexible platform we call SBN.

If you're a blogger for a team not yet covered by SBN, you should really drop Mirtle a line - because the tools here are fantastic and tech support is scary good, so you can focus on content. If you're a blogger for a team already covered -- including this one -- you should visit your team's site on SBN and join the conversation with a FanPost or in comments. Drop a line, maybe combine efforts (the long-term goal at Lighthouse Hockey) -- these are some good tools to bring several different voices together and expose your blog to a different audience.

Happy End Note

Oh yeah, one more bit: If the Islanders lose tonight, they tie a franchise record for consecutive road losses, set during the pre-Arbour expansion year. No pressure.