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How Mark Streit rocks out

A taste of Mark Streit's favorite band, Züri West: "Fingt ds Glück eim." Apparently, the group's been around in at least some form since 1985.

I know a bit of German, but not that much -- and I'm powerless to discern the variations in "Bernese" German, the version spoken in Streit's native region of Switzerland (French, Italian, and Romansh -- which you could justifiably call "Vulgar" -- are also spoken there).

But one of the band's songs mentions whiskey. So there's that. Good luck with the rest. (Swiss fans are welcome to drop any hints here.)

[The source of this tomfoolery: Mark Streit's fan Q&A with The Hockey News in the Jan. 12 issue reveals this group as his favorite. Yes, we've been heavy on the Streit news lately, but hey: he's the only Islander to have played any form of NHL game during this six-day break.]