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Islanders at Coyotes [open game thread]

Trent Hunter, MSG penalty box casualty: in. (Trevor Smith, too!) Rick DiPietro, franchise health barometer: in-ish. We'll leave it to the words of Greg Logan, who sounds like he's enjoying his return to the opposite corner of the continent:

"If DiPietro doesn't start tonight, I will eat a fish taco, which is a violation of all the values I hold dear as a native New Mexican."


Blade-square_medium Phx-jettail_medium

New York Islanders (12-22-4, 30th) at Phoenix Coyotes (18-15-5, 7th/West)

9 p.m. EST | [some silly dot-com job] Arena | MSG+2 (twice the plus!)

Coyotes blog: Five for Howling

Can't decide whether these late Mountain Time zoners are easier or harder to catch. Late dinner plans (no fish tacos; I'll have a steak sandwich ... and a steak sandwich) probably make me DVR-dependant. But if you're around and watching, chat away with notes on the game or New Year's hangover remedies.