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Dubie saga round-up: Ak Bars to Islander to Jacketry

Several wild angles to the Wade Dubielewicz story, going back to Garth Snow publicly questioning his conditioning last year after declining to re-sign him (when Joey MacDonald's two-year deal was automatically becoming a one-way deal in year 2).

You've got Dubie expressing happiness in Russia. You've got him "mutually agreeing" on parting after he fell into the backup role there with a .892 save pct. You've got him having several suitors when he arrived and ultimately choosing to sign back with the Islanders, with a pregnant wife at home in Connecticut. And now, after morning practice, he's phoned by Garth Snow to learn: Sorry bud. You got to fly to Vancouver to meet your Blue Jackets. More on the saga from around the net:

Before he was claimed:

In a way, goalie Wade Dubielewicz arrived pre-lionized Friday. He has saved the Islanders before, two years ago, when Rick DiPietro's concussion apparently had knocked the team out of playoff contention.

Upon learning of his new Blue Jacket-ness from Garth Snow, after practice:

"I thought he was joking at first, but he wasn't," Dubielewicz said. "He was disappointed, and I'm disappointed."

Chris Botta, on the craziness of this particular waiver rule (was this the "Glenn Anderson rule" from when Glenn would vacation in Europe and then return for the playoff drive?):

... because of an absurd rule in the CBA, Columbus gets to pick off the contract. It’s happened before. Bob Clarke ranted about it years ago and it still hasn’t been changed.

Here’s the crazy part. If Columbus had signed Dubielewicz, he would have had to clear waivers. As the team with the worst record, the Islanders could have picked him up.

James Mirtle, on why we should not be surprised:

It wasn't hard to see this coming.

We'd heard that Dubielewicz was getting interest from as many as three or four teams, and because he was coming to the NHL from the KHL in midseason, he would have to clear waivers in order to join any team. It stands to reason that, as soon as he signed on with one club, whoever missed out on him would put in a claim.

He has a point. Color me foolish for: a) Wondering whether Dubie had as many suitors as his agent claimed; b) doubting that other teams would rate Dubie the way Isles fans (if not Snow) rate him;c) figuring Curtis Sanford -- also a bit undersized but not to Dubie's degree -- would be the hotter commodity, at an almost as low price for the rest of the year, and having actually played NHL games this season.

Finally, Dubie playing the good soldier when contacted by Columbus media:

"I'm excited and a little surprised to get this opportunity," Dubielewicz said by phone. "I thought I was going back to the Island. I'm getting a chance to joining a young and up-and-coming team that has a chance tot make the playoffs."

Now I can't decide whether root for Columbus' fall, or to hope Mason catches the flu and Dubie carries them into the playoffs.