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Devils at Islanders [Dubie-less thread]

Kc-round2_medium Kcislescopy_medium

Kansas City's Past (26-15-3, 3rd/Atl) at Kansas City's Future (12-28-4, 30th)

7 p.m. | Nassau [future lighthouse?] Coliseum | MSG+ (think positive!)

Devils blogs: In Lou We Trust (and plenty more: check his blogroll)

Just crazy that the Isles couldn't even enjoy a little Dubie nostalgia in this trying season. Don't know who starts in goal for the Devils. Sutter was unsure last night.

Programming note: I won't be around the thread -- dinner and a different NHL game for me -- but you're always encouraged to leave your game comments and humor therein. When no one is around, I sometimes use these threads to take notes as I watch the game, but I won't do that if anyone's bantering about. It's all DVR or NHL Network for me. Enjoy!