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Splinters: Fan therapy through humor

Basket of good cheer and links from around the Island before Islanders v. Rangers: Episode IV, tomorrow ...

  • First, B.D. Gallof mulls what's eating Brendan Witt. Right on; I subscribe to this line of thought -- and I think Witt may fetch more in a deal than our UFAs.
  • Not Your Average Ice Girl goes all anthropologist on the female hockey fan. I've definitely seen the Puck Bunnies in the flesh (no, not that much flesh), but I agree they are rare. Regardless, the advent of "Femfans" is to be encouraged. As long as they register at the front desk. (Kidding!)
  • OnTheNYIslesScene passes along the story of the visiting Arkansas boy who went to an Isles game, came home with a #81 shirt -- and got sent home from school. (Note: remarkably, "Satan" means just what you think it means in both Slovak and Czech.)
  • 7th Woman was among several bloggers and fans to hit practice over the weekend. She confesses to getting her towering Islanders confused.
  • With Frans Nielsen nearing a return, NYI Fan Central is excited to get to see the Islanders youth on parade.
  • Official's Outlook took in a Sound Tigers game -- they beat the Wolfpack, baby! -- and saw training camp story Brandon Sugden play.
  • Still Drivin' reflects on one of his greatest days as a sports fan. I bet you get the moment in under three guesses. (Spoiling hint: It might involve Tonelli, Nystrom and chaos).
  • Finally, though it stunk, but something amusing came from Jason Strudwick helping the Oilers beat the Isles last week.