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Islanders at Foliage [game thread]

Note: Live game threads at Pension Plan Puppets (the SBN Maple Leafs blog) are usually lively, hug-heavy affairs. So for a bead on the interior psyche of Leafs Nation -- not to mention a demo on SB Nation's cool instant-updating tekmology -- check them out during (or after) tonight's game. I will try to be in residence here to uphold the Islanders' good name.

Oldny_medium Leaf-top_medium
New York Islanders (10-14-2) at Toronto Maple Leafs (9-12-6)

7:30 p.m. EST | [aerial purveyor of some sort] Center Centre | MSG+

Leafs blogs: Pension Plan Puppets (and many branch territories)

Seems I raked enough leaves, er "leafs," over the weekend, but what's a few more? PPP and I swapped snarky game previews (misery loves company), so his is here at Lighthouse Hockey, while mine is over at Pension Plan Puppets.