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Tonight, we self-medicate: Okposo out long-term

The Islanders did NOT need this. Kyle Okposo, who's missed the last seven games with a wrist injury, had some sort of setback (like practicing?) and will now be out 4-6 additional weeks.

This is in addition to all the other Islander injuries, including young Frans Nielsen, who is missing 2-3 months after Mike Mottau threw a flying elbow and earned one-third of an Avery suspension.

Coach Scott Gordon sounds like someone's got a case of the Fridays:

“We wanted to build for all of our young players for next year,” said Scott Gordon, “and now for this to happen to Fransy (Nielsen) and Kyle, it’s really a shame. That’s lost time you can’t get at a young age.”

All we need is Bailey to go down and three of the brightest future hopes from this season would be out. (No, that does not include Jeff Tambellini, who is as healthy as a newborn, yet still without a goal.)

I'm not really in a position to digest this right now. The sting is too raw. Several drinks call my name. Feel free to fill in for my vacant thoughts in the comments.