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Avery in 30 seconds or less

Sometimes, you have to quote yourself: On the SB Nation platform, related story links pop up in the margin. So while reading reactions to Avery, one bit of mine from six weeks ago popped up, from when the Stars were in town:

Speaking of confusion over the rules, I don't like to discuss Sean Avery. But he's in town, so alright fine. In brief: Nice skills, shame about the circus act. He reminds me of the guy who, when everyone is trading harmless bawdy jokes, he crosses the line and brings up someone's mom/sister, or throws proposed violence into it, just for shock value. Crosses the line, quiets the room. There is the argument that any league publicity is good publicity, but I'd rather have a less popular league in exchange for keeping my soul intact, thanks.

Just found it amusing, since that's pretty much what has happened. Again.

I think Avery's latest attention-seeking maneuver was tasteless, but I'm still conflicted on the suspension (I guess the message is: "Tasteless trash talk belongs on the ice only"?).

Still wondering if it would have been better for the league to let (or strongly lean on) the Stars (to) suspend him rather than blow it up to league level. Still wondering if the league's response is in part due to varying interpretation of how vulgar the connotation of "sloppy seconds" is (In my experience, it is just slang for an ex -- female or male -- dating someone else; in others', it is quite a bit more graphic. The joys of language!). Still think Cuthbert is part of the TMZ-ish public figure world that craves attention and is different from the typical spouse. Still find it amazing that Tom Hicks -- and Brett Hull, come on, you were teammates! -- didn't know what they were signing.

And still feel my enjoyment of this game is not increased one bit by sideshows like this. I don't need a Terrell Owens or John Rocker in the NHL. I'll happily leave that to the other sports leagues, additional TV ratings be damned.