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Thrashers at Islanders [open game thread]

Atl-28_medium Stick-square_medium

Atlanta Thrashers (11-18-4, 13th/East) at New York Islanders (10-20-3, 15th/East)

7 p.m. EST | Nassau Coliseum | MSG+

Thrashers blogs: Thrashers ... Large Talons? | Blueland Chronicle | Blueland Outsider

Linked to a few good "perspective" pieces at the end of the game preview, but as far as tonight's game and the losing streak goes, maybe the most season-appropriate line was from Chris Botta:

There’s the reasonable notion that a hockey team has a lot of injuries, but there’s also decades of evidence of teams with seemingly little talent in their lineups winning the occasional game - especially at home.

Indeed. It's a simple game. You catch the ball, you throw the ball...-- Wait ... different sport. But you catch my drift. For the love of Christmas, just win a hockey game already, boys!

Feel free to leave seasonal tidings or chat up the game in the thread. I may be in, or I may be [gasp] Christmas shopping, only to watch the game on DVR while a few hundred dollars poorer. Regardless, a happy, safe holiday to everyone. Sport is a journey best enjoyed in context.